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Rapoon + Mykel Boyd
A Meeting in the Future
7" Lathe / Digital Download

Robin Storey (Rapoon) and I have collaborated on an amazing 7" square lathe on clear polycarbonate.

Limited to 33 physical copies, digital downloads


Please visit our Bandcamp page to download the digital version.

ARMComm Sampler

A5 CD Digipack  (Dvd style)
ARM CD 003 /SOMACD 201901
Limited to 500 Copies Worldwide.

Price = $21.00 (post-paid in the USA)
Euro orders should contact
to save money on shipping.

This is a physical release ONLY.
If you are interested in hearing tracks please visit the video teaser.

Somnimage Corporation is proud to co-release this amazing collection of new work by Adi Newton and collaborators.
USA Release Date July 26th, 2019

The ARMComm Sampler is the first release in a series of Album Projects scheduled for
release throughout 2019/2020 beginning with a collection of Material Taken from Scheduled
releases by ARMComm Projects and Artists.
The CD contains 2 Tracks by each project and also features a number of tracks which are exclusive to this Album such as the New
ClockDVA track Endless / TAGC Chance operations 2 and Archeoacoustics MATAR.

All Tracks on the Sampler are New recordings that have not been previously released in any

Featured tracks are:

(Newton / Martinucci)

PSY-OPS extract by Sōon
(Newton / Dangers)

THE TENANT (le locataire Chimerique ) by TAG
(Newton / Boyd)

THE FUTURE 4 Solid Coils / Extract by Sōon
(Newton / Dangers)

(Newton / Prudence)

(Newton / Martinucci / Varg)

(Newton / Esposito / Brady)

SERIAL MUSIC by Psychophysicist
(Newton / Prudence)

MYCOLOGY by Adi Newton

(Newton / Brady)


Total Program Time 74:48

City of Djinn

City of Djinn

Release Date: July 26th, 2019
CD Digipak  / Digital Download

Price = $18.00 (post-paid in the USA).  

City of Djinn is composed of Chicago based musicians Marwan Kamel and Micah Bezold.
This multitasking duo creates post-Tarab - a longform sonic tapestry of dark, psychedelic,
drone rock that draws from experimental music vernacular as well maqam tradition.

Their arsenal of instruments ranges from electric buzuq, modified quarter-tone
acoustic-electric guitar, violin, fretless electric guitar, foot pedal drums/cymbals,
darbuka, daf, DIY stompbox and samplers.

Produced by Mykel Boyd and City of Djinn
Recorded by Doug Malone at Minbal Studio, Chicago, IL May 2015
Mixed, mastered, engineered by Doug Malone at Jamdek, Chicago, IL, 2016-2018
Cover photo by Gisela McDaniel and Bana Kabalan
Additional art and calligraphy by Marwan Kamel, Farnaz Khosh Sirat and Ayham Jabr
Graphic Design and Layout by Farnaz Khosh

dedicated to the displaced, depressed and

Visit our Bandcamp page to download the digital version of this release.


Release Date: July 26th, 2019
CD Digipak  / Digital Download

Price = $18.00 (post-paid in the USA).

Beings of ImberIndus
"Beings of ImberIndus" was commissioned as a hexaphonic sound installation to accompany the "Beings of ImberIndus"
solo soft sculpture show by Carrie Weaver; presented at The I Fell Gallery, Bloomington, IN throughout December 2018 and
culminating in a winter solstice ritual of cleansing. The piece began an intensive six month period of heavy deep
listening and drone work for Mkl Anderson's ritual ambient industrial project, Drekka (Dais Records, Auris Apothecary,
The initial session was recorded in Reykjavik, Iceland during November 2018. This live, one take session captured a
special long form, deep listening performance with longtime collaborator Þórir Georg (Óreiða, ROHT) on bass guitar and
Anderson on pitch pipe, metal and voice. The performance was manipulated and distended in real time by Anderson as it
was being recorded.
Upon returning home to Bloomington, IN, Anderson began an epic 150+ hour journey, further mixing and mastering the
recording. Decisions such as track lengths and tonal shifts were decided upon using the same mathematical equations
that Weaver utilizes for her fractal creations; exploring recur-sive patterns and prime numbers as alchemical instruction.
The resulting work yielded the hexaphonic mix presented for the exhibition, followed by this stereo mix which attempts to
approximate the experience of wandering through the playscape Weaver created.
"The Beings of ImberIndus are a polymorphic species that span many realms. Animal and mineral forms evolve together
in dynamic patterns, crystalized into velvet soft sculptures.
These fractal creatures create a playscape that people of all ages are invited to interact with."
- Carrie Weaver / ImberIndus

Ritual, Ambient, Drone, Deep Listening,Experimental, Musique Concrete

Oren Ambarchi, Black to Comm, Coil, Lawrence English, Etant Donnes, Thomas Köner,
Nurse With Wound, Touch Records

Visit our Bandcamp page to download the digital version of this release.

Swim Ignorant Fire
Pale Horses

Release Date: July 26th, 2019
Pro-manufactured  CDR  / Digital Download
CDR Limited to 100 Copies.

Price = $15.00 (post-paid in the USA). 

SWIM IGNORANT FIRE is the solo project of Stephen Holliger.
Celebrating the release of Pale Horses on Somnimage
Dronic manipulations, resulting from the assembly of microsubs and guitar effects.
The murky waves in the noisy raising electric cords highlight the darker aspects of Holliger's creations.

Visit our Bandcamp page to download the digital version of this release.

Bass Communion / Freiband - The Next Room (flexi-disc single)
$12.00 (post-paid) in the USA, 

Strictly limited to 275 copies on flexi-disc, Total playing time approx 11 minutes.

This is the fourth collaborative release by Steven Wilson (Bass Communion) and Frans de Waard (Freiband), following two 3"CD releases, and a live release on Important Records.

This time it's quite a strange and unique one, with the only release being on old fashioned flexi-disc single. 'The Next Room' is part of a series of flexi-discs called 'Phantom Plastics' which focus on sound works created from EVP recordings (electronic voice phenomena, or capturing unexplained voices on tape), by many leading experimental musicians since 2011. Steven previously explored this phenomenon on his classic Bass Communion album 'Ghosts on Magnetic Tape'.

The source EVP material was provided by Phantom Plastics curator Michael Esposito and reworked and transformed by Bass Communion and Freiband into 2 unsettling sound design works. Both artists contributed to both pieces, but each had final control over one side of the disc. The flexi-disc is of course not an audiophile format, but the noise / crackle from the disc contributes to the ghostly effect of voices and sounds breaking through from another dimension.


A. The Next Room part I (final assembly by Bass Communion)
A. The Next Room part II (final assembly by Freiband)

Designed in June 2017 by Philip Marshall. Photography by Frans de Waard, Photographic treatment by Mykel Boyd.

Europe: Save on some shipping fees
Limited copies are available from
or direct contact Frans de Waard
via Steven Wilson at

Death is nothing at all.
It does not count.
I have only slipped away into the next room.
Nothing has happened.
Henry Scott-Holland

The Anti Group
Mykel Boyd

Single Sided square clear flexi disc
Limited to 275 Copies

$12.00 USA (post-paid) 

Please visit our Bandcamp page for the digital download of this release

City of Djinn-ether and red sulphur

Somnimage is proud to announce our first release by Chicago's City of Djinn.
City of Djinn is Marwan Kamel and Micah Bezold.
This mutitasking duo creates longform psychedelic trance music.
Music for a night walk through the Jamaa el Fna
Fans of the Sublime Frequencies catalog will not be disappointed.

Instruments used in these recordings:
electric buzuq, modified quarter-tone acoustic-electric guitar,
violin, fretless electric guitar, foot pedal
drums/cymbals, darbuka, daf, DIY stompbox and samplers.

Engineered/mixed by Doug Malone
Cover art by Arturo Fresan
released December 12, 2015

Pro-manufactured cdr Limited to 100 copies in jewel case.
CDR (post-paid) USA=$12.00

Digital Download.

                                                                                                Twig Harper ‎– Music For Higher Dimensional Consciousness

Somnimage is proud to announce the release of "Music for Higher Dimensional Consciousness" by Twig Harper. Mastered by Jason Soliday. Artwork by Robert Beatty.
Mind-expanding possibilities, headphones a plus.

Standard CD Edition limited to 1000 copies in Full Color Sleeve. Ready to Ship

Digital Download.

Standard CD (post-paid) USA=$14.00

Art Edition
Limited to 66 Copies in Silk screened Wooden Box complete with CD, Button, Unique Original Twig Harper Painting size 4" x 4" and 5 Zener Cards.

$61 (post paid  USA)

Saffron Sacrament & Quicksilver Communion by Vermani Shah
Our second release from the best kept secret society in Texas.
Shimmering static and sweeping waves. Imagine Liz Harris trapped on a ship at sea, you get it.
Pro-manufactured cdr Limited to 100 copies in jewel case.

Digital Download.

CDR (post-paid) USA=$12.00

Parallax by Jack Eley
Debut release from this young guitar alchemist.
Improvisational guitar noise.

Pro-manufactured cdr Limited to 100 copies in jewel case.

Digital Download.

CDR (post-paid) USA=$12.00

Mike Shiflet / Mykel Boyd cdr/digital download
re release of out of print split 12" limited to 100 copies pro-manufactured CDR or digital download.

CDR (post-paid)  USA=$12.00

Mykel Boyd "fever dream one" cdr/digital download

New 20 minute composition. Available for the first time.
limited to 100 copies pro-manufactured CDR or digital download.

CDR (post-paid)  USA=$12.00

Released to commemorate this night of performances in Chicago,IL at The Empty Bottle. New previously unreleased tracks from all 3 artists.

Nicholas Szczepanik
1: Sift (A Bit of Ada Jane’s Blues)
Constructed and mastered in March 2014 by Nicholas Szczepanik.

2: Whiting Belt-Territorial Scan
3: Whiting Belt-Sweet Thread (Topple)
4: Whiting Belt-Scanned Exit
Territory sees digitally held air seeing edges holding.
Composed by Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Kramer in 2014 with custom handheld samplers,
Multi-Material Filter, transmitters, pump organ, tape processes, and plastic bladder with valve.

Mykel Boyd
5: Soundtrack to the Abandoner
Recorded and manipulated by Mykel Boyd in April, 2014

Copyright 2014 Coppice, Nicholas Szczepanik and Mykel Boyd.
Released in 2014 by Somnimage
Limited to 100 Copies

$14.00 USA
Pro-manufactured CDR in jewel case.

"Transmutations" by Brume / Bokeh
CD (post-paid) USA=$14.00 
Somnimage is proud to announce the release of "Transmutations" by Brume / Bokeh
This collaborative project started in 2011.  Source material was traded, mixed and re-mixed.
The end result is 4 tracks of exquisite drones and soundscapes. We hope this release takes you to a place in your head that you would like to visit over and over.

Brume is French sound-sculptor Christian Renou. He has recorded under the moniker Brume and his own name since 1985. His compositions treat, assemble and mix acoustic sounds. He relies on dense, rapid-fire montages and electroacoustic ambience.

Bokeh is the duo of Mandy Matz (Theory Anesthetic) and Mykel Boyd. Bokeh tracks usually start with Boyd's processed field recordings. Once in the hands of Matz they are transformed and layered into beautiful, organic landscapes. Vocals and violin are then added to complete the composition. "Transmutations" features tracks performed by Brume, Bokeh and 2 collaborative tracks. for more 

Digital Downloads and audio samples available here:


Blessed Diviner by Vermani Shah
CDR (post-paid)  USA=$12.00 

Brand new pro-manufactured cdr by our favorite new Psyched out eastern mystic jazz unit from Texas.
Limited to 100 copies in jewel case.

Digital Downloads and Audio Samples available here:

Francisco Lopez "untitled #272 [antarctica variations]"
Total length: 24 hours
Release format: mp3-160kbps file in Metal USB Flash Drive.
Edition of 300 drives.

Recorded using hydrophones under a 100-meter thick ice sheet on the Ekström ice shelf in Antarctica.
This will be considered a major work by the renowned Spanish sound artist.
$45.00 post paid in USA

A cage went in search of a bird: music inspired by Franz Kafka
Price $15.00

This is a 17 band international compilation of darkwave, neo-classical and experimental sounds. Compiled by Mykel Boyd (angelhood). Featuring the art and graphics of surrealist Christian Faur. This incredible c.d. features. Attrition, La Funcion De Repulsa, Angelhood, Maras Torment, Loren Jan Wilson II & Ryoji Furui, Neither/Neither World, Halo Skycrash, Julian Tulip’s Licorice, Benjamin Stauffer, Chagas, Shinjuku Thief, Chthonic Force, Garden of Dreams, Remora, Oblivia, E.A. Zann and The New York Room.


Trespassers W: "sex and the end of it"
Price $15.00

Some call it avant-garde, others just call it adventure. Dutch band Trespassers W is making music in which people can dwell and get lost. Some want to stay there forever. The songs of the band are poppy or poetic or just crazy. Trespassers W don't play just one style of music. They like to play with style. Yet everything they do is pure Trespassers W. The lyrics tell stories and the music goes along with these tales and adds something to them too.

Different State: "elements"
Price $15.00

Dark Tribal Esoteric release from NYC via Poland.
C.D. comes in full color over sized jacket.


The Hafler Trio: "wolf sheep cabbage"

Release Info:
wolf sheep cabbage. and the various levels of meaning in that applied to a series of harmonic progressions (not musical ones, but possibly being applied to that) and the internal structures which the WSC puzzle can be seen as a way of dealing with them.

Three 7" records pressed on clear vinyl in letterpress wraps. This series will be available by subscription or single copies. Subscribers will get a signed print in a wooden box to hold all 3 releases.
signed/numbered with 3  letterpress prints (33 copies pressed): $100.00   SOLD OUT
standard version (300 copies pressed), all 3 records with box and signed letterpress print. price = $56.00  SOLD OUT
Shipping charges are included in above prices for U.S. orders.

som10009- single copies SOLD OUT

evidence pertaining to the destroyer
        a: on assimilation
        b: on struggle

som10010- single copies available now $20.00
  evidence pertaining to the creator
        a: on service
        b: on reception

som10011-  single copies available now $20.00
    evidence pertaining to the preserver
        a: on submission
        b: on acceptance / Wyrm
“Hypothetical tardigrade resurrection #1”/”Labyrinth Defector"
split 7" on white vinyl
standard edition of 300 copies in full color sleeve = $7.00

limited edition of 33 copies in 12" sleeve with art by M.S. Waldron= $23.00 SOLD OUT
Wonderful weird noise and dark ambiance from nurse with wound collaborator M.Waldron and Allan Zane's Wyrm.

Trespassers W "the drugs we all need"
Price $15.00

Somnimage is proud to present the new Trespassers W album on cd, titled  "the drugs we all need".
This new cd is part two of a trilogy called ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock’n’roll’, of which the first two volumes have been released by Somnimage (‘Sex and the end of it’ and ‘The drugs we all need’) and the third one (The noble folly of rock’n’roll’) is going to be finished by the end of this summer.

G.X. Jupitter-Larsen and Allan Zane "banjax" CD
Standard editionprice is $15 postpaid in USA
Artists edition $27 postpaid in USA

...The master-minds behind The Haters (G.X. Jupitter-Larsen) and WYRM (Allan Zane) have finally tag-teamed on a full-length CD--'Banjax'. A collaborative/conceptual (of course!!!) project, 'Banjax' will not only satisfy the appetites for those of the "aesthetics" of "noise", but also appeal to those with a sensibility for "dark ambiance" to boot! When worlds collide, if you will... Standard edition of 900.

Artist's edition of 100 IN 2 PARTS as follows:
PART 1 (Audio/packaging): CD housed in silk-screened drawstring bag, signed and numbered print by both artists, AND MAIL-IN VOUCHER (TO SOMNIMAGE...) FOR PART 2.
PART 2 (Conceptual): To be acquired upon return of voucher...
"Destroyed Music"-- and then some!!!

Trespassers W: "the noble folly of rock and roll"

Price $15.00

Somnimage is proud to present the third and final part of Trespassers W’s trilogy ‘Sex and Drugs and Rock’n’roll’, entitled: The Noble Folly of Rock’n’roll.
If its predecessors, ‘Sex and the end of it’ and ‘The drugs we all need’ were two sides of the same coin, the former dealing with the exploitation of the body and the latter with the exaltation of the mind, then ‘The Folly’ must be the coin itself: the substance which started it all, the attitude of rock’n’roll which came with newly found freedom and independence by teenagers, once embodied by the like of Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison and Gene Vincent.

"Radio interference from unknown orgasm"
This c.d. features new tracks from Merzbow, Wyrm, The Sword Volcano Complex , Mykel Boyd,
Black Sun Productions and Val Denham (who also did the wonderful art for this release).
Standard edition
Price $15.00

Artists edition limited to 100 prints + cd
 signed numbered letterpress print by Val Denham
Price $42.00  USA

ALLAN ZANE The Sperm of Metals--10th Anniversary Edition
Limited to 50 copies. 3" CD-R housed in a metal box w/obi strip and containing 2 inserts.
It will contain Parts 5-8 (Parts 1-4 were private editions limited to 8 copies on cassette and CD-R) .
Price $16.00 USA and Mykel Boyd
split 7"
Matthew Waldron brews up another little slab of avant-goodness.
Mykel Boyd drones and sputters like a cicada into Lake Michigan.

standard edition 7" on white vinyl in silver on black silk screened sleeve. limited to 200 copies
$14.00 post paid in USA

artist edition includes two 10"x10" letterpress prints, one from each artist limited to 100 copies, signed and numbered.
$47.00 post paid in USA

split 7"

standard edition
(limited to 200 copies) 7" on white vinyl in opaque wrap-over sleeve.
standard edition 7" on white vinyl in opaque wrap-over sleeve. limited to 200 copies = $14.00 post paid in USA

artist edition

$47.00 post paid in USA
(limited to 50 copies) includes two unique Polaroid photos, one from Ramona Ponzini (taken in Japan)and one from Mykel Boyd (taken in Illinois, USA), both signed.

PPOPG bring the mellow on their side with a piece entitled 'I lose consciousness', with a sweet acoustic guitar intro and a mantra of Japanese chant and wind chimes, all floating over field recordings from the gardens of Kanazawa, Japan.
Mykel Boyd's side consists of processed field recordings creating a very nice ride for those with a ticket.

The Death & Beauty Foundation
present the legendary "Darlington Tapes"recorded in 1982.
At last, the sound of Val Denham and Andrew M. McKenzie's long awaited avant garde masterpiece for the bewildered is available after 26 years.
Remastered, frightening and beautiful. The strangest album ever recorded.
You have been warned.

Standard edition c.d. in 3 panel digi-sleeve
$20 post-paid usa

artist edition of 33 copies is SOLD OUT
limited to 33 copies. Features 2 signed polaroids. One from Val Denham and one from Andrew Mckenzie.
+ Standard edition c.d. in 3 panel digi-sleeve

"Sympathetic Magick" cdr
Limited edition of 93 copies.
$12.00 (Post-paid USA)
CD artwork by Robin Storey.
Thanks given to Robin Storey (vocal loop) and Genesis Breyer P-Orridge (manipulated voice mail on Allan Zane's phone) for samples provided.

  Rapoon / Mykel Boyd split 12"
Robin Storey was once a member of Zoviet France. Now he records under Rapoon. He creates beautiful ethno ambient sounds.
Mykel Boyd once saw Zoviet France perform. He makes recordings of things and then alters them to sound like planes taking off.


standard edition 12" on white vinyl in black on black letter pressed sleeve. limited to 200 copies = $22.00 post paid in USA

artist edition includes 12" on white vinyl in white on white letter pressed sleeve and two 10"x10" letterpress prints, one from each artist
limited to 100 copies, signed and numbered. = $65.00 post paid in USA,